Medical Qigong Books


Volume 1 – The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

The student will learn the following important information:
The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine: Volume 1-  The Foundations and Evolution of Chinese Energetic Medicine
– The History of Qigong and Chinese Medicine
– The History of Ancient Chinese Shaman Doctors: Wu Yi
– The Evolution of Chinese Medicine
– Understanding Ancient Chinese Metaphysics and Energetic Healing
– The Energetic Formation of the Universe
– Energetic Formation of the Human Body
– Energetic Embryological Development
– Prenatal and Postnatal Energetic Patterns
– Ancient Daoist Archetypes of the Human Soul
– The Ethereal Soul and Corporeal Soul
– Tissue Formation and Development
– The Five Energies of the Human Body and their Therapeutic Significance
– The Twelve Chakra Gates and The Three Dantians
– The Taiji Pole and Three Dantians
– The Eight Extraordinary Vessels
– The Six Extraordinary Organs
– The Twelve Primary Organs, Channels, and Collaterals
– The Connecting Vessels, Divergent Channels, Muscle and Tendon Channels and Skin Zones
– The Body’s Energetic Points


Volume 2 – The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Energetic Alchemy, Dao Yin Therapy, Healing Qi Deviations, and Spirit Pathology

The student will learn the following important information:
The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine: Volume 2- Daoist Alchemy and the Three Powers (San Cai)
– The Three Treasures of Heaven: Sun, Moon, & Stars
– The Three Treasures of Earth: Soil, Water, & Wind
– The Three Treasures of Man: Jing, Qi, & Shen
– Introduction To Medical Qigong Dao Yin Training
– Medical Qigong Postural Dao Yin Training
– Introduction to Static and Dynamic Postures
– The Eight Dao Yin Breathing Techniques
– Medical Qigong Mental Dao Yin Training
– Awakening and Transforming the Mind
– Rectifying Qi Deviations With Medical Qigong Therapy
– Soul Retrieval and Medical Qigong Therapy
– Spirit Pathology, Clinical Safety And Spirit Protection
– Dealing With Spirit Parasites In The Medical Qigong Clinic
– Locating and Removing Energetic Parasites
– Treatment Patients Using the Thirteen Ghost Points
– Returning Home After Performing a Clinical Exorcism


Volume 3 – The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Developing Intuitive and Perceptual Awareness, Energetic Foundations, Treatment Principles, and Clinical Applications.

MQB3The key features of this third textbook include the following:
-Developing Intuitive and Perceptual Awareness
-Energetic Healing Modalities and Clinical Applications
-Medical Qigong Applications using Healing Stones
-Medical Qigong Applications using Healing Herbs
-Qi Emission Therapy and Healing Techniques
-Various Hand Postures used for Qi Emission Therapy
-Advanced Qi Emission Therapy and Qi Vibration Techniques
-Creating and Removing Energetic Cords of Light
-Invisible Needle Theory and Clinical Application
-The Energetic Foundations of a Medical Qigong Clinic
-Establishing and Maintaining a Safe Medical Qigong Clinic
-Important Precautions and Ethical Considerations
-Advanced Treatment Principles of Medical Qigong Therapy
-Healing A Patient’s Emotional Traumas
-Projecting Healing Sound and Emitting Colored Light
-Qi Massage and Tissue Regulation Applications
-Differential Diagnosis of Energetic Principles
-Introduction To Energetic Pattern Identification


Volume 4 – The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine – Prescription Exercises, Healing Meditations,
And The Treatment of Internal Organ Diseases

MQB3The key features of this fourth textbook include the following:
-Internal Organ Self-Massage Prescriptions
-Patient Healing Sound Prescriptions
-Patient Prescription Exercises and Meditations
-Daoist Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises
-The Treatment of Internal Organ Disease – Yin Organs
(Including Liver, Heart, Spleen and Pancreas, Lung, and Kidney Diseases)
-The Treatment of Internal Organ Disease -Yang Organs
(Including Esophagus and Stomach, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine,  Urinary Bladder and Prostate Diseases)
-Treatments for Miscellaneous Diseases (Including Headaches, Chronic Fatigue and  Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease)
-Medical Qigong Therapy With Surgical Procedures
-Pre and Post-Operation Applications
-Medical Qigong Therapy and Organ Transplantation
-The Treatment of Phantom Pains
-The Treatment of Scar Tissue Formations
-Using Herbs and Nutrition To Treat Internal Organ Diseases


Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: Volume 5 – Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy – An Energetic Approach to Oncology

This fifth textbook (570 pages) includes a thorough understanding of the Medical Qigong treatment protocols and prescription homework used successfully in both China and the U.S. for the treatment of various types of cancer. Written by an internationally recognized Grandmaster and Professor of Medical Qigong training who specializes in cancer treatment. The featured highlights of this clinical textbook include:

Sifus Final 5 Covers 7-27.indd- History of Medical Qigong and Oncology
– Introduction to Clinical Protocol
– Clinical Protocol for Brain Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Esophageal Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Breast Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Lung Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Stomach Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Pancreatic Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Liver Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Ovarian Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Uterine Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Cervical Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Prostate Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Colorectal Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Bone Cancer
– Clinical Protocol for Multiple Myeloma
– Clinical Protocol for Leukemia
– Clinical Protocol for Malignant Lymphoma
– Clinical Protocol for Skin Cancer
– Medical Qigong Therapy for Radiation
– Medical Qigong Therapy for Chemotherapy
– Medical Qigong Therapy for Surgery
– Medical Qigong with Herbs and Nutrition
– Social Oncology for Cancer Treatment
– Medical Qigong Cancer Prescription Meditations
– Medical Qigong Cancer Prescription Exercises


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