Revised Edition Now Available - In China, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson is considered to be the “Father of Medical Qigong Therapy to the West;” and his five books on "The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine" are currently used as a definitive text on Medical Qigong therapy and clinical applications in most acupuncture collages throughout the world today. Read the exciting true life adventure of how Dr. Johnson trained for over 18 years with several masters in the United States before traveling to China in the early 1990’s in order to further his education in Chinese martial, medical, and mystical practices. 

From training with several highly skilled martial arts masters, leading authorities of Chinese Energetic Medicine, and countless Daoist and Buddhist mystics, Johnson shares his incredible true life adventures in this exciting 496-page teaching memoir of his life. This revised edition includes the Shaolin point striking training, Daoist Thunder Magic training, and detailed crushing palm training applications that he has personally practiced throughout his professional life. 

This teaching autobiography also contains the fascinating accounts of many special events that occurred surrounding his unique quest for self-mastery and self-realization. Several individuals who have previously read through the rough draft of this book have already begun referring to it as a cross between “The Autobiography of a Yogi” and “The Wandering Taoist.” 

“I believe your memoir is a very important book that needs to be published and distributed world-wide; and I hope that it achieves for the Daoist tradition the impact that "Autobiography of a Yogi" did for Hinduism and yoga in the West.”

Kamran Pasha – Screenwriter, Director, and Novelist



Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals, and Star Stepping


Training in Daoist Magic From the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 323 pages

Never before has a book been written that contains so much informative on the esoteric subject of Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals and Star Stepping. Now at 323 pages, this incredible book contains secret Daoist teachings on Magical Incantations, Imprinting with Incantations, Enchantment, Trance Induction, Daoist Magical Hand Seal Training, Types of Hand Seals, Specific Functions of the Hand Seals, Hand Seals Used For Worship, Summoning, Protection, Obstruction, Attacking, Binding, Imprisoning, and Sealing, Mao Shan Hand Seals Used for Healing or Protection, History of Daoist Star Stepping, Using Star Stepping with Hand Seals, Incantations and Magic Seals, Summoning the Spirits of the Dead, Summoning Celestial Immortals, and much, much more.




Daoist Mineral, Plant and Animal Magic


Training in Daoist Magic From the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 451 pages

The following book contains the Study of the Realm of Minerals, Introduction to the Alchemical Transformations of Minerals, History of Magical and Medicinal Rocks, Formation of Minerals and Crystals, Minerals in Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Absorbing the Healing Properties of Gems, Creating Gem Ens Elixirs, Cleansing the Crystal With Sunlight, Moonlight, Flowing Water or Earth, Ritualistic Cleansing and Incantations, Charging a Stone, Storage and Care of the Gem Elixir, Dose and Administration, Toxic Stones, Planetary Gem Elixirs, The Categorization of Planetary Gem Elixirs and Specific Powers, Lapidary (The Secret Powers of Rocks and Gems), The Magical Qualities of Gemstones and Minerals, Magical Defenses using Minerals and Stones, Ritual Cleansing, Purifying the Altar Room, Summoning the Celestial Immortals, Using Breath Incantations to Open, Imprint, and Activate a Magical Stone, Ending the Ritual and Closing the Magical Ceremony, The Magical Energetic Properties of Gemstone Formulas, Divination Using A White Jade Ball, Healing With Crystals, Prayer Beads (Malas), Using the Prayer Stone Beads, Types of Prayer Beads, Using Malas As An Oracle, Using Malas to Ward Off Ghosts, Magical Stone Rings, Imprisoning a Spirit in a Magic Ring, Other Techniques Using Magical Rings, Magic Stone Talismans, Secret Powers of Metals, Planetary Metals, Spirit Rocks, Good Energetic Rocks, Evil Energetic Rocks, Element Rocks, Energy Regulators, Sacred Stone Formations, Gathering Qi from Caves, History of Cave Meditation, Preparation for Cave Meditation, and Guidelines for Cave Training. Also contains an Introduction to the Alchemical Transformations of Plants, Superior, Medium, and Inferior Herbs, Gathering Energy from Nature, The Magical Properties of Trees, Gathering Qi from Trees , Locating Tree Power Spots, Precautions, Tree Spirits, Forest Spirits, The Magical Properties of Plants, Visionary Plants, Gathering Qi From Plants, Gathering Energy from Bushes, Suffumigation, Meditation for Absorbing the Plant's Essence, Plant Spirits, Chinese Historical Encounters With Plant Spirits, Communicating With Plant Spirits, Harvesting the Magical Essence of the Plant's Spirit, Ancient Chinese Plant Alchemy, The Magical Art of Plant Alchemy, Creating A Magical Plant Tincture, Plant Ens (Creating Immortal Elixirs), Plant Stones (Creating Immortal Pills), Using Herbs To Create Talismanic Paper, The Study of the Realm of Animals, Introduction to the Alchemical Transformations of Animals, Animal Images of Ancient China, Chinese Totem Animals, Using Animal Masks For Protection, Animal Magic (Familiars), Types of Familiars, Interacting With Animal Familiars, Daoist Bagua Animal Totems, Daoist Celestial Animal Totems, Animal Shapeshifting, Animal Sacrifices, The Energetic Power of Blood, The Blood Ritual, and Creating a Blood Spirit.



Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar


Training in Daoist Magic From the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 539 pages

Never before has a book been written that contains so much informative on the esoteric subject of Daoist Magical Tools. Now at 539 pages, this incredible book contains secret teachings on how to imprint the magic tool, the secret seals and incantations needed to magically activate the altar tools, and how to utilize the various magic tools used in both Daoist Folk Magic and Daoist Religious Magic. Also included are several secret magic rituals (Opening the Altar, Summoning Immortals, Fire Rituals, etc.), as well as the secret Zheng Yi sacred manual known as the “Absorbing the Riches of the Profound.”






Daoist Magical Transformation Skills, Dream Magic, Shape-Shifting, Soul Travel & Sex Magic


Training in Daoist Magic from the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 321 pages

At 321 pages, this new book contains the esoteric theories and secret training of the following magical skills: Transformation Skills of Daoist Sorcery, Two Types of Magical Transformation Skill, The Magical Transformation of Man, Observing the Present Meditation, Psychometry, Clairaudience, Transferring Thoughts, Clairvoyance, Perceiving a Person’s Destiny, Seeing Spirits and Having Visions, Dream Magic, Dream Magic Training, Herbs Used To Induce Lucid Dreaming, Mind Magic, Illusionary Magic, Invisibility, Three Types of Invisibility Skills, Suspended Animation, Walking Through Walls, Soul Travel, Teleportation, Bilocation, Shape-Shifting Magic, Methods of Shape-Shifting, The Magical Transformation of External Things, Defense Magic, Healing Magic, Sex Magic, Materialization, Telekinesis, Contracting the Land, Constructing a River by Drawing a Line on the Ground, Wrapping Up The Heavens, Weather Magic, Divination Magic, Corpse Magic, Transferring a Soul, Stealing the Soul of a Coma Victim, Rituals Used In Corpse Magic In Order to Obtain a Spirit Helper, Energy, Spirit, and Soul Projection, Qi and Thought Projection, Shadow Magic Training,Three Types of Soul Projection, Five Phases of Soul Travel, Soul Projection Training, Imagination Techniques, Respiration Techniques, Mantra Sound Techniques, Advanced Soul Projection and Shape-Shifting Techniques, Communicating in the Spirit World, Encountering Spirit Beings, Stages of Spiritual Development, Introduction to Daoist Sex Magic, Three Stages of Relationship, Levels of Intimacy, Applications of Sex Magic, Using Sexual Magic for Energy Cultivation, Sexual Postures and Techniques, Sex Magic Rituals, Deity Magic and Sex Magic, Sex With An Succubus or Incubus, Sexual Encounters With Walk-Ins, Group Sex Magic, Blood Magic and Sex Magic, Blood Sacrifices and Group Sex Magic, Tonic Herbal Formulas, Aphrodisiacs, and Ancient Chinese Love Spells and Hexes.



Daoist Magical Talismans


Training in Daoist Magic from the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 472 pages

This amazing book contains a comprehensive Introduction to Magic Talismans, Applications of Magic Talismans, Types of Magical Talismans (i.e., Talismans for Making Spirits Appear, Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant, Talismans for Shape Shifting, Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk, Talismans for Invisibility, Talismans To Heal Sickness, Talismans for Protection, Talismans for Destroying Friendships, and Talismans for Creating Sickness), The Origin of Magical Talismans, The Secret Teachings of Magic Talismans, Constructing a Magic Talisman, The Translations of Several Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books, Talismans used to Summon Spirits of the Dead, Talisman Used For Commanding Demons, Talismans used to Break into Hell and Free the Souls of the Dead, The Incantation for Summoning the Magical Powers of the Right, The Magic Skill of Celestial Master Zhang for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases, The Heavenly King’s Magic Talismans for Alleviating Disasters, Magic Seals for Energetically Activating Spirit Money, Talisman for Making Peace, Talisman and Incantation for Killing Pain and Stopping Bleeding, Talisman Seals Used For Binding and Containing Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Mao Shan Talismans Used To Induce Infatuation In Order to Keep a Mate, Mao Shan Protection Talismans Used For Fighting Against Black Magic and Psychic Attacks, and much more!



Daoist Exorcism: Encounters With Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits and Demons


Training in Daoist Magic From the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 559 pages

At 559 pages, the following book contains the History of Exorcism, The Three Realms of Daoist Magic, Interactions with the Spirit World, Schools of Daoist Sorcery, Understanding Psychic Influence, Principles of Psychic Interference, Psychic Attacks, Types of Psychic Attacks, Symptoms That Indicate a Psychic Attack, Defending Against Psychic Attacks, Encounters With Ghosts, Types of Hauntings, Communicating with Ghosts, Encounters With Spirits, Historic Classification of Spirits and Immortals, Seductive Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits, Nature Spirits, Spirits of the Elemental Realms, Spirit Snakes and Spider Spirits, Sensations Attributed to the Presence of Spirit Entities, How and Why Negative Spirit Entities Attack, Self-Defense Against Spirit Entities, Protecting Children, Closing the Ghost Gate to Protect against Ghosts and Spirits, Encounters With Demonic and Evil Spirits, Demonology, Levels of Demonic Influence, Demonic Manifestation, Demonology According to Christian Mysticism, Historical Facts, Demonic Attacks, Encounters with Demon or Spirit Possessed Individuals, Demon or Spirit Oppression, Ten Reasons Why a Demon or Evil Spirit will Interact with an Individual, Three Stages of Demonic Assault (Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, and Demonic Possession), History of Possession, Signs and Symptoms of Spirit Possession, Signs and Symptoms of Demonic Possession, Exorcism, Functionality of Exorcism, Four Primary Stages of Exorcism, The Ritual of Summoning Spirits for Interrogation and Exorcism, Binding and Banishing Techniques used to Remove Evil Spirit Entities, Treating Demonic or Spirit Oppression and Possession, Removing a Spirit or Demonic-Entity from a Individual, What to do After the Demon or Spirit Entity Leaves the Body, When the Demon or Spirit Entity Will Not Leave, Treatment for Phobia or Anxiety of being Spirit or Demon Oppressed, Medical Qigong Treatment for Spirit and Ghost Hallucinations, Treatment using the Thirteen Ghost Points, The Magic Circle, and Three Stages of Daoist Exorcism.



Daoist Weather Magic and Feng Shui


Training in Daoist Magic From the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism. Now - 303 pages

This book includes the following information: Introduction to Feng Shui, History of Feng Shui, The Original Schools of Feng Shui, The Form School, The Compass School, Pattern (Li) and Energy (Qi), The Four Animals, The Qi of Earth, The Earth’s Three Layers, The Earth as Yin , Heat and Light, Interactions of Heaven and Earth, The Earth’s Energetic Grids, Three Realms of Earth Energy, Five Element Patterns of Earth, Three Treasures of Earth, The Energy of Earth (Soil): Di, Understanding The Landscape, The Movement of the Water, The Topography Flow, Normal and Abnormal Landforms, The Location of Sha Qi, Sha Qi and Sorcery, The Location of the Residence, Understanding The Mountain Dragon, The Dragon’s Pulse, The Dragon’s Lair, Four Mountain Dragons, Mountain Formations, Five Element Mountain Formations, Sacred Mountains, Five Sacred Mountains of Thunder Magic, Patterns of the Nine Star Mountains, Gathering Qi From Mountains, Valleys, and Deserts, Interactions With Mountain (Nature) Spirits, Summoning Mountain Spirits, Finding and Entering into the Power Spot, Communicating With Mountain Spirits, Before Leaving the Power Spot, If Things Go Wrong, Returning to the Power Spot, Gathering Energy from Valleys, Gathering Energy from Deserts, Summoning The Earth God to Remove Malevolent Spirits, The Energy of Wind: Feng, Wind, the Music of the Earth and Voice of Heaven, The Wind as Messenger of Change, The Stars Affecting Wind and Rain, The Yin and Yang Nature of Wind, Wind Direction and Daoist Magic, The Eight Directions of the Wind, Whirlwinds, Gathering Qi from the Four Winds, The Energy of Water: Shui, The Magical Virtues of Water, Water in Science, The Body’s Need For Water, The Voice of Water, Energetic Qualities of Water, The Water Dragon, The Water Dragon Classics, The Four Animal Water Patterns, Five Element Water Formations, Gathering Qi From Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Streams, Invisible Watercourses, Sacred Watercourses, Waterfalls and Energetic Portals, Cultivation Techniques, Common Water Spirits, Daoist Weather Magic, Daoist Magical Theory, The Six Laws of Daoist Magic, Techniques of Natural Power, Understanding Weather Magic, Weather “Sense” Perception, Weather Divination, Rain Storms, Clouds, Mist, and Fog, Snow Storms, Hail Storms, Wind Storms, Dust Storms, Thunder Storms, Daoist Weather “Tools,” Weather Stones, Weather Talismans, Weather Magic Rituals, Gathering Qi From Clouds and Mist, Rainmaking Rituals, Calling the Wind, Summoning a Storm, Calming and Sedating a Storm, Stopping a Storm, Thunder Magic (Wu Lei Fa), History of Thunder Magic, History of the Five Thunder Gods, The Two Primary Schools of Thunder Magic, Internal Thunder Magic (Cultivation and Healing), The Yellow Court Meditation for Internal Cultivation, Closing the Devil’s (Ghost) Gate Before Healing the Sick, External Thunder Magic (Magic and Exorcism), Constructing the Thunder Altar, The Direction to Summon the Thunder, The Thunder Talisman, The Thunder Incantations, The Thunder Hand Seal, Summoning the Power of Thunder, Gathering the Power of Thunder



Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong & Wai Gong Training


Training in esoteric Daoist Alchemy from the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism

Finally, 628 pages of the much sought after secret teachings of esoteric Daoist Alchemy are available to the public for comprehensive reading and practice. Written by a Senior Daoist Abbot for his "Wen (Healer/Scholar) - Wu (Martial)" disciples, and now available to serious students for the purpose of experiencing exciting life-changing transformations.







An Introductory Manual On Daoist Talismans And Magical Incantations

This particular training manual provides information originating from the Taiqing (Great Clarity) Daoist tradition, and includes secret methods of writing magical talismans and speaking sacred Words of Power via Breath Incantations. This particular Taiqing Daoist Manual provides for four special categories of magical talismans, as well as their specific stroke orders, and their essential activation incantations. Included in this special training manual are:

  • The special categories of magical talismans traditionally used for the “Suppression of Demon Spirits” and for “Blessing the Home;” which are to be posted up on the wall or main pillar of the house like a “Public Notice.” These special Taiqing Talismans must both be written with Black Pine Soot Ink and Cinnabar on Yellow Talisman Paper.
  •   The special categories of magical talismans traditionally used for “Summoning Spirits” and for “Treating Diseases.” These special Taiqing Talismans must be written with Red Cinnabar Ink on standard Yellow Talisman Paper.

These four special categories of Taiqing Talismans are extremely important, and essential for all Daoist disciples to study; therefore this special instruction manual is presented here as an essential companion to the Daoist Magical Talismans textbook.



The Perfected Classic On Wisdom And The Exorcism Of Demons

This ancient Five-Volume Daoist Text  is traditionally known as “The Perfected Classic on Wisdom and the Exorcism of Demons as Spoken By the Great High Lord of Cavern Perfection." It was originally written prior to 400 A.D., and was eventually categorized as Book #1032 in the Zhengtong Daozang (Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Reign Period),during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644A.D.).

The important information contained within these five short chapters represent the secret “Cavern” teachings that originally accompanied ancient Daoist Alchemy Training. Because the reading was traditionally used in ancient China in order to help spiritually activate and energize the disciple’s esoteric “Three in One” Practice, “Cultivation and Transformation” Practice, “Small Heavenly Cycle” Practice, etc.; it is presented here as an essential companion to theDaoist Internal Alchemy Neigong and Weigong Training textbook.

It is important to note, that the term "Cavern" does not refer to a literal Cave, but instead was intended to convey the sense of "Penetrating Thorough Esoteric Knowledge." Therefore this special teaching was specifically used to also help free the disciple from the mental overshadowing of the “cultural trance,” and liberate his Mind.