Martial Arts DVDs



Tai Chi

The Empowering Workout DVD


The beauty and power of Tai Chi Chuan is created in the way one moves. In essence, the mastery of one move is superior to the learning of a hundred moves. The purpose of this program is not to learn a series of complicated moves, but to simplify and clarify the mental and physical dynamics that empower Tai Chi Chuan. The first section explores the structural mechanics universal to all Tai Chi Chuan movements and styles. Section two focuses the attention on loosening and lubricating all of the joints of the body. Section three integrates the structural mechanics into ten Tai Chi Chuan movements. The final section combines mind intent and inner body skill to maximize strength, energy and power.







Chi Kung



The sharpness of the mind, the strength of the body and the clarity of the spirit are all essential for health and vitality. Chi Kung exercises work on all three. Chi Kung combines the power of meditation with Tai Chi Chuan-like individual movements in order to form energy building exercises. So effective are these exercises that today in China, Chi Kung is prescribed for ailments and illnesses as readily as medicine is administered in the West. So powerful are these exercises that for centuries Martial Artists have used Chi Kung to empower their fighting and athletic abilities. Yet these exercises are simple, gentle, easy to learn and are for all ages and levels of fitness and coordination.








Pa Kua Chang DVD 1

The Eight Animal School of Pa Kua Chang


Each trigram is developed into its own unique animal form for self defense and healing. This particular form of Eight Animal Pa Kua Chang comes from the school of Sun Lu-tang. Pa Kua Exercises, Standing Meditation, Circle Training, the Eight Animal Pa Kua Set from Sun Lu-Tang and its self defense application and Pa Kua Push Hands Sets. Excellent Instructional DVD.






Pa Kua Chang DVD 2
Original Form of Pa Kua Chang


The basic principles are those of Walking the Circle, utilizing the elusive footwork which enables a practitioner to circle behind his opponent. This particular form comes from the school of Chiang-Jung Ch'iao. It consists of Advanced Pa Kua Exercises, the Original Pa Kua Set from Chiang Jun Ch'iao and self defense applications. Advanced Pa Kua Push Hands Sets and more. 40 minutes







Pa Kua Chang DVD 3

The Eight Circular Pa Kua Staff


In most Pa Kua schools, the staff is usually the first long weapon the students will learn. By working with the staff, the student is able to strengthen his arms and wrists, in addition to developing body coordination. The Pa Kua Staff training is divided into two divisions: The Northern Yang Pa Kua Staff, and the Southern Pa Kua Staff.







Pa Kua Chang DVD 4

The Eight Circular Pa Kua Broadsword


It is said that when "playing" the Pa Kua Tao, one must take on the characteristics, attitude and fierceness of a tiger, which is Yang, and the flexibility, speed and coiling of a dragon, which is Yin. The smoothness and continuity of the Pa Kua Broadsword is manifest with all elements of attaching and defending. 40 minutes.







Pa Kua Chang DVD 5

The Dragon School of Pa Kua Chang


The dragon forms of Pa Kua Chang are the most popular of all the Pa Kua schools. The fast whipping of the body and coiling of the hands hypnotizes one. This video consists of two different Pa Kua Dragon Shape Forms, both Cheng Yu-Lung's Yin Dragon Form, and Ch'en Pan-Ling's Yang Dragon Form along with the Linking Sets, self defense applications and exercises. 40 minutes







Pa Kua Chang DVD 6

The Fighting Techniques of Pa Kua Chang


This volume consists of Pa Kua Fighting Theory, Joint Locking techniques, Throws, Sweeps, Pressure Point Paralyzing techniques, and sixty-four configuration Eight Animal Boxing. This is an instructional video designed to teach the Pa Kua Practitioner to effectively utilize their Pa Kua System for all types of combat situations.